While I Have You

By A C Harlow

Beautiful and uncomfortable. Even the reader will want something they’re not supposed to. 

When Justin hires Leah to work for him after school, their interactions quickly shift from guarded and awkward to a mutual quest for knowledge of each other.

Caught up in his inexplicable fascination with Leah, Justin finds himself engineering time for them to be alone.

Leah isn’t sure what it is she is drawn to the most; Justin and everything about him, or the amount of attention he gives her. Both are addictive.

Leah appears to be mature beyond her years and unaffected by the possibilities her unique relationship brings. However, a series of incidents and revelations will tip her over the edge of what she can handle.

‘Around ten years ago, and approximately ten years into your future, you and I are both travelling alone and meet for the first time at a base camp at the foot of the Himalayas, prior to a trek. You are struggling with your tent, I mean really struggling, and when we try to erect it together we find that a crucial pole is missing. It is getting dark and the temperature is dropping fast; you have no choice but to share with me. It is colder than you expected and despite cocooning yourself in several layers of clothing, your woollen beany and gloves and your thousand tog sleeping bag, you cannot fall asleep. Without saying anything we unzip our sleeping bags and reclose them together so that there is just one big sleeping bag and two strangers’ bodies squished in together, keeping each other warm. And that is how we actually meet, or have already met. We just can’t remember it.’

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